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Ramil Aliyev

Ramil Aliyev


About me.

Full-stack developer

Hey, my friend, I am Ramil. I was born on 24 March 1996 in Baku. I started secondary school in 2002, I was admitted to Baku State University with 536 score out of 700 and my major was Computer Science (By the way, if the score was 1 point less mine I would be accepted to ASOIU). I graduated from university in 2013 and continued my education to get a Master's degree. My dissertation thesis was in the subject of Recognizing authors of large-scale texts and I got a Master's degree in 2019. Meanwhile, I met Programming in the seventh year of secondary school for the first time. I don't have a comprehensive view of programming at that time but after admitting to the university I understood what is programming while learning advanced level mathematics. I have to say that a programmer without math is like a car without mirrors.

Personal Information

  • NameRamil Aliyev
  • Age25
  • AddressAzerbaijan, Baku
  • Emailcontact@ramilaliyev.com


Desktop Development

Development of various types of desktop software for computers

Web development

Creation websites, management systems and etc using with web technologies.

Responsive design

Responsive UI design for created systems.